About the Film

Weather Talk is a short film depicting the strained relationship between a son and his father as they drive together across the United States. The film is a coming out story and centers on the new bond formed between these two estranged people. Alex and dad drive together from Fargo, North Dakota to Los Angeles, California where dad will receive treatment following his heart attack. On the road they get to know each other for the first time and gain a closeness they never had while Alex was growing up. Just before reaching Los Angeles Alex faces the final hurdle in their newly formed relationship - his coming out.


A film by Keene McRae

The Photo Series


Weather Talk (Photo Series) is a campaign running along side the film that aims to share the vast and differing relationships between LGBT people and their dads.


Weather Talk publishes photos of LGBT people accompanied by a quote as an insight into their own relationship with their father. In a similar fashion to Humans of New York, Weather Talk candidly shows members of the LGBT community who share something – long, short, funny, serious – with the world.


 “This photo series came from my own experience driving cross country with my dad,” said Brandon Shypkowski, creator of Weather Talk. “I got to know him for the first time and came out to him. It felt like the very beginning of my relationship with him. The goal with this project is to share personal stories with each other and cultivate perspective and understanding. This project is something I wish I might have stumbled upon growing up when I had no access to a community or other LGBT people. I hope that anyone reading can feel connected and supported in some way by our stories.”

How did we get here?

Take a look at the campaign that got us to the film! We had a lot of support along the way...here is a little video we made to get our film off the ground! 

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Contact Us!

To learn more about the film or to be a part of the Photo Series please email us at:
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